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ThetaHealing® Seminars

The time when we waited for help from the outside and someone to help us is long gone. A great way to move forward in our lives is to be able to take responsibility and strength into your hands. That's why ThetaHealing seminars are a great choice. They will help you to expand your intuitive abilities, give you more clarity, whether your intention is personal growth, and self-development or you are already an active therapist of some other technique and you would like to complement it.


The first three seminars are Basic DNA seminar, Advanced DNA seminar and Dig Deeper. These must be completed in order, to learn the "alphabet and basic words" of this technique. Consequently, you can already choose any of the more advanced seminars (there are always prerequisites published on the official webpage).


Since ThetaHealing® is a trademark (™), you are also obtaining an official certificate from THiNK (ThetaHealing institute of knowledge).

I look forward to every single one of you who decides to come and to your personal transformation.

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