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What is ThetaHealing®

ThetaHealing is a powerful meditation technique, which mediates physical, psychological and spiritual healing, through the tuning of brain waves into the state of theta. The technique was created by Vianna Stibal in 1994. Since then, this technique has constantly evolved and changed the lives of many people, including myself.


ThetaHealing is not associated with any religion, it is not limited by age, gender, race, skin colour, religion or region. It is practised by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. However, it has one condition: you must believe in something more, in the Creator, the creative force, God, or whatever you prefer to call it.


The amazing thing about this technique is that it gives us the strength and responsibility for our lives, and shows us how we can now shape them with these new tools. You will know how how to create change yourself.


Here is the short history of this technique :


The founder of the Theta healing method is Vianna Stibal. Vianna was born with innate intuition, and she became interested in Taoism, nutrition and herbalism because she herself had health problems.


In 1990, freshly divorced, Vianna needed to find a way to take care of herself and her three young children, so she took a job in a nearby power plant as a security guard. Although very soon, she found out that this job would not bring her the future she wanted for her family. While there, she gave intuitive readings and studied naturopathy. She offered people readings, massages and nutrition advice. Very quickly, she began to realise that she was on the right track because she had no shortage of clients from the very beginning. Her abilities were constantly improving, she realised that the Creator would help her when she listened to.


At that time, however, she began to have health problems with her right leg. Her leg started to swell, and in 1995 she was diagnosed with bone cancer. The doctor recommended her an amputation. She was in tremendous pain. At that time, she decided to focus her efforts on healing her body.


The ThetaHealing technique is complementary to conventional allopathic medicine, and Vianna constantly stresses that we should respect the views of medical experts. However, Vianna intuitively felt in this particular case that the diagnosis of bone cancer was wrong. And so she took a lot of vitamins, and minerals, saunas, and detoxified her body. Yet she was still seriously ill. The biopsy showed that the diagnosis of bone cancer was indeed wrong and tests showed it was cancer of the lymphatic system. With this diagnosis, she intuitively knew it was correct. She realised she had poisoned herself with mercury at the factory and began work to remove mercury from the body. However, it still did not quite help. Every time she went to Creator on the 7th plane, she got the answer that she knew how, she just had to remember.


One time, she was in the mountains with friends, when her aunt from Oregon came to visit. Her aunt had abdominal pains, and since Vianna had just had no herbs with her, she began to scan her body. Initially, she thought it was appendicitis, but during the scan, she saw that it was Giardia. Since she had no medical kit with her, she asked the Creator to remove the pain. The pain was gone in seconds. The next day, she had a similar experience with a client who had back pain, so she thought of using the same path for herself. It worked. Since then, Vianna has been constantly supplementing and expanding this technique. And she promised to teach it to anyone who wanted to learn.


Obviously, there are cases where immediate treatment just doesn't work. When this is the case, the person in question has some beliefs that block their healing, they have some benefits from the situation, or this situation brings some learning. It doesn't always have to be a physical illness. Even bad relationships, for example, can be perceived in a sense as a "disease".


These are precisely the cases where this technique can be extremely effective.


If you are interested in more detailed information about this technique, you can find them here:

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