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If you feel that there are areas of your life, whether it's relationships, issues of sexuality, acceptance of your body, health, career, your life path, finances, personal development and growth, the development of your creativity, or areas of self-love and self-worth that may not work as you would like to, or in which you need to see more clearly, individual therapy is a great solution. Individual therapy allows you to go deep and achieve lasting change.


We are creators of our own lives. Often, we are guided by unconscious patterns that we have no idea about. Many times they are patterns that we carry from our ancestors, at a historical level, or even on a soul level. The ThetaHealing® technique works very effectively with these unconscious formulas. When our brain waves reach the state of "theta", when the frequency of the brain is between 4 and 7 Hz, we get into deep subconscious programs and patterns.


By eliminating blocking programs, we have once again access to our health and prosperity.


Each session of ThetaHealing is unique for every client. There is no template for this. A session usually lasts 1 to 2 hours.


Everything we download during the session, change or align during the session is always possible in the ThetaHealing technique only with your full consent. You're fully conscious of what is going on.


If you feel the call, book individual sessions by e-mail or phone.


The sessions take place in Bratislava, or via zoom or


I look forward to seeing you

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