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is a workshop, which I am gradually creating based on my experience.

In this course, we rely on the techniques of three T.


“Open to beauty“ is a workshop, which I am gradually creating based on my experience. It is a workshop that I personally have always wanted to attend, but I did not find one in Slovakia and so I decided to create it according to myself.

The motto is "A bright woman knows herself, she loves herself exactly as she is, she knows and feels her body to the fullest, she is not afraid to lean into her wildness, she is passionate and kind at the same time, first of all to herself."

We've heard it so many times, we know it works, but how do we do it?

Everyone has their way, their own way of coming to this, and I'm going to bring mine to you on this course.

In this course, we rely on the techniques of three T

ThetaHealing®, tantra and the dance (NB: in Slovak dance = tanec).

Its goal is to get to know yourself, to take care of yourself, and to relax.

After years of therapies and releasing programs of suffering, sadness and pain, I decided to open the way to get to know myself, through love, affection, understanding, insight and mutual support. I believe that when I challenge myself for a while, there will always be one of my soul mates around me to remind me of my light. In this course, together we will step into joy and love, open our hearts to love for ourselves and our surroundings, and live a deeper and more fulfilling life.

In this course, in a small circle of women (max 10), we will connect with ourselves so that one day we no longer have to "do" it, but it becomes a firmly integrated part of us. So that one day you wake up and you know you're there, that you love yourself, that you are beautiful and glowing and that nothing and no one around you can take that glow and joy, because it's yours.

ThetaHealing allows us to go faster and more effectively to our depths, safely and lovingly.

We're not going to go into trauma and pain. I believe that this is no longer necessary. I really appreciate the techniques that bring them to the surface, but it's not my way. It is time to go back to our hearts, to feel them, as they glow, to feel life in our womb and, above all, to deepen and spread this sense of self-love, the joy in yourself and pleasure.

Thanks to dance and tantra, we will learn to connect with our bodies. We're also going to focus on the pelvic floor, opening up our sexuality.

If such a journey appeals to you, I will be honoured to share it with you and learn with you.

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