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Who am I?


My journey to personal development and self-discovery began at the turn of 2011 and 2012. I was married, I had a well-paid and very stable job, I could do anything and yet I felt an inner dissatisfaction. I remember driving to work with an aching stomach and chills and feeling a compulsive feeling that life must be about more than achieving goals (personal or professional) and getting up in the morning, getting work done, going to bed at night and starting all over again. I was 31 years old and felt like I was close to retirement.


Before I could do anything about it, life very quickly steered me in a direction of my own. Within a year, my marriage and efforts to have children dissolved, my mother died, and I found myself in a space where I had regular personal therapies and lots of group meetings, meditations, and women's circles...


When I came across the ThetaHealing technique in 2018, everything took off at a rapid pace. Suddenly, I could no longer be in a space where I wasn't happy. With each and every change in my program or beliefs, I was moving in leaps and bounds to where I am today.


In 2020, a few days before the world began to change under the influence of Covid-19, I made a deal to leave the company where I had worked for 15 years at that point. It took another 1.5 years for me to actually leave. What seemed unthinkable at the beginning became a reality, and I left with full honour and love the factory that was part of my life and such a part of "my child" and family at the same time.


I took a 6 month break, or at least I thought I was taking a breather, but somewhere in the background my current journey was already being composed.


In December 2021, I founded TriT, Ltd, whose name was originally a combination of the three Ts, ThetaHealing, Tantra and Dance (Tanec in slovak). However, very quickly I felt that my current path was leading me to pursue ThetaHealing full time. When I first sat in front of my first students, it was a combination of excitement, respect and responsibility, and at the same time I felt with every single

cell that I was "home", that I was right, that this was what made sense to me. And so, slowly, gradually, I stopped pushing the idea of tantra and dance (who knows maybe it's out there waiting for me somewhere in the future).


Today, my intention to fully dedicate myself to ThetaHealing is supported by the changes my clients and students are experiencing. I receive amazing feedback every day and it supports my belief in the power of this technique. I started assisting on instructor classes so that I can bring the most authentic learning possible and in September 2022 I received the highest award in ThetaHealing yet, called the "Certificate of Science" and I'm moving on.


My intention is to bring quality ThetaHealing courses to Slovakia but also to an international clients. And so in September 2023 I am lovingly completing TriT Ltd. with TriT International, Ltd. Tri T remains but has been changed to ThetaHealing, Therapy, Teaching and I am opening up to new clients and markets in three languages - Slovak, English and French.


Welcome to my website

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“To inspire people, don't show them your superpowers. Show them theirs.“


Alexander den Heijer

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